About Us

Hello and Welcome! GT Sign Company has over a decade of experience in the sign industry and nearly as much time designing and printing custom apparel.

Over 10 years ago we started in the business with a love for design in the automotive industry. It all began with changing or updating the appearance of personal vehicles, show cars, trucks and hot rods. Always changing and going somewhere else for the work to be done prompted the question “Why can’t we do this ourselves?” and from there that is exactly what we did.

We did full body decals, rally stripes, smaller car and window decals. It then turned from a hobby, into a business. Lettering commercial vehicles first. Then we grew into making smaller signs, lettering storefronts and became a sign company.

Once we opened our first storefront in Unadilla, we introduced custom apparel to our catalog of services we had to offer, nearly 8 years ago. Since adding custom apparel, it has grown our business to the point where we are doing just as much if not more custom apparel annually as we do signage and lettering.

Moving to our newest location in 2016 had been our best move yet, pushing us ahead in the industry and growing our business bigger than it had ever been. 2019 will be our third year at this location and it will also be our last. As the business has grown, so has our family. Mid 2019 we will be taking the business “remote” and closing our storefront to not only better focus on the customer service end of the business, but our family as well. Late 2018 we bought a new home with ample space to relocate our business to and that is exactly what we will be doing.

A remote location means we will doing things a bit differently. We will be able to offer lower prices than we ever have before! We will also be offering free local contact-less delivery on sizable orders as well as a designated contact-less pickup bin at our location for smaller orders. If all of that does not already sound wonderful, we will also now have year round access to garage space for vehicle lettering even on the coldest days of the winter! For our commercial customers that choose to do business face to face, we’ll come to you! As for all other customers, as much of the business world is doing these days, we will be available via phone, email and facebook. We will also be offering open-air meetings at our location.

If you have anymore questions for us, we’re just a phone call, email or facebook message away! Our office hours will change to Monday-Friday 9am-5pm for phone calls and immediate email answering, however we will be available virtually anytime day or night, 7 days a week via facebook from here on out as well.

Thank you for visiting and for all your continued support over the years, making us the best we can be.