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As of June 1, 2019 (In 4 months) we will be taking the business “remote” and closing our storefront to not only better focus on the customer service end of the business, but our family as well. In late 2018, we bought a new home with ample space to relocate our business to and that is exactly what we will be doing. This direction was not an easy decision! Our Martinbrook St. location has been by far the best location to help grow our business to what it has become and offer us this opportunity to get a new, much larger home that can easily house the business as well. But, with less and less walk in traffic and rapidly growing online sales, it only makes sense to go remote.

A remote location means we will doing things a bit differently. We will be able to offer lower prices than we ever have before! We will also be offering free local delivery on sizable orders as well as free shipping on smaller orders. Those that do not qualify for free delivery or free shipping, we will offer a local pick up point on designated days and times that best fit into our customers busy schedules. If all of that does not already sound wonderful, we will also now have year round access to garage space for vehicle lettering even on the coldest days of the winter! For our commercial customers that choose to do business face to face, we’ll come to you! As for all other customers, as much of the business world is doing these days, we will be available via phone, email and facebook. We will also be offering off-site meetings at local locations, moving forward as needed.

If you have anymore questions for us, we’re just a phone call, email or facebook message away! Our office hours will change to Monday-Friday 8am-4pm for phone calls and immediate email answering, however we will be available virtually anytime day or night, 7 days a week via facebook from here on out as well.

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